FTX Exchange

FTX is a relatively new cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that has been growing rapidly since its launch in May 2019. The trading platform already boasts some impressive daily trading volume which has been increasing monthly.

FTX aims to cater for both professional, retail, and institutional traders, and therefore provides a range of products applicable to all. Traders can access to spot trading, Bitcoin options, leveraged tokens, perpetual swaps, prediction markets and MOVE contracts.For users who are interested in making large crypto purchases, the platform also provides an OTC service.

The FTX platform supports transfers in fiat, cryptocurrencies as well as major stablecoins and has incorporated solid trading features such as low fees, tight spreads, tradingview charts, and IOS and Android mobile apps.

Key features include:

  • Fiat Currency Transfers – Users can make transfers in currencies such as USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, and AUD. The exchange also accepts credit card deposits.
  • Up to 101x leverage – FTX provides generous leverage which allows traders to maximise their profit potential.
  • Easy Conversions/Stablecoin Settlements – Users can easily convert currencies within their accounts and trade all derivatives with one margin wallet.
  • Institutional Grade Services – FTX incorporates top class features such as deep liquidity and orderbooks, unlimited withdrawals, a liquidation fund, and an OTC desk.
  • Extensive Customer Support – FTX provides a wide range of features and resources aimed at helping its account holders to navigate the platform and also provides chat groups in over 10 languages.

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How to Open an Account on FTX

The registration process is pretty straightforward and is similar to signing up to other crypto exchanges. You can get started by visiting the FTX website by clicking the banner above, or go here: https://ftx.com/#a=14201635. Both options have embedded our referral link, which will get give you 5% off your trading fees!

Click the “Register” tab at the top right of the home page and enter your email, and choose a secure password in the pop-up registration window. (You should see our referral code and your 5% discount as shown in the picture below)

FTX registration

Click the “Sign Up” button to register your account.

You can now deposit funds in order to trade, however, a new account without KYC has a total withdrawal limit of $1,000. To complete KYC verification go to the “Settings” page to complete the KYC verification process and unlock higher withdrawal limits.

KYC for individual accounts:

  • Tier 1 Identity Verification form requires a full name, country of residence, and state, province, or region to get $2k daily withdrawal limits.
  • Tier 2 KYC verification, you need to fill out the form and upload your proof of identity and proof of address documents.
  • Tier 3 KYC verification requires you to upload a recent bank statement from the bank you plan to use for fiat transfers.

You can now secure your account by setting up 2FA by clicking on “Account Security” and choosing Authy, Google Authenticator, or SMS.

What makes FTX Exchange different?

The FTX trading platform offers a variety of trading options for professional and institutional traders, as well has accommodating new traders with an easy to understand and navigate interface.

FTX exchange features

  • Futures – Over 150 perpetual and quarterly futures markets
  • Spot Trading – Over 100 spot markets
  • Stocks – Spot and futures of a wide variety of tokenized stocks
  • Leveraged Tokens – ERC20 assets that can give you leveraged exposure to cryptocurrency markets
  • Volatility – BTC Options, MOVE and BVOL
  • Prediction Markets – Markets on the outcome of real world events
  • Fiat – Supporting 11 fiat currencies including USD, EUR, GBP and AUD
  • Stake – Earn rewards by staking digital assets

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