Are you earning bitcoin? This is how to make money earning a passive income with the Ice Cubed exchange affiliate program.

Ice Cubed ExchangeAffiliate programs are a great way to make passive income if you run or are involved in a website, or if you are active on social media, and have lots of followers and fans.

Many people take advantage of their social media influence to earn a passive income from the people they are connected to on the internet and social media. You can also earn a passive income if you have access to mailing lists, Whatsapp groups, or even Facebook pages or groups, where you can share your affiliate link.

The affiliate link is your unique link that will allow you to earn a commission from any users who use your link when they sign up for an account on the exchange.

It costs you absolutely nothing to create your account on Ice Cubed, so all you need to do is refer new users, and you can earn money easily. The new users you refer to the site do not have to spend a specific amount for you to earn your money, you earn up to 25% commission regardless of how much they spend.

How do you qualify for an Affiliate link?

The only thing you need to do is to sign up for your free account on the Ice Cubed exchange. This will give you your unique affiliate link that you can share with other users. Once you have an account, you need to get your affiliate link from the Affiliates page.

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Where to find your Affiliate link:

You can find your unique referral link on the website if you go to the Account / Affiliate page. To go to the account affiliate page, first click on the MY ACCOUNT button at the top of the page .

Ice Cubed bitcoin affiliate program

Now that you are in your Account area, the next step is to go to the Affiliates page by clicking the AFFILIATES button in the menu. One the Affiliates page, make a note of your Affiliate link at the top. This is the link you need to share with people to sign up on the exchange.

Ice Cubed affiliate page

How do you make money with your Affiliate link?

What you need to do is post the unique Affiliate link on your own website, on Facebook, a forum signature, tweet it, wherever you have influence on the internet.
When someone clicks your referral link and they sign up to Ice Cubed to buy cryptocurrency, that user will be listed as one of your affiliate users on the affiliate page.

The Ice Cubed exchange rewards you for sending them a customer and you will earn a commission on every trade the customers your referred make on the exchange.

There are THREE levels of affiliate commission on the exchange. Level 1 is 25% of commission generated, level 2 is 10% and level 3 is 5%

  • You will get rewarded 25%  of the commission generated from the trades of all the new users who sign up using your affiliate link.
  • If one of the customers you signed up uses their affiliate link to sign up a new customer, you will get 10% of the commission generated from the second level customer. If that second level customer does the same, and also signs up a new user under their own affiliate link, you will get 5% of the commission generated from the 3rd level customer.
  • You will be paid in Rand / Naira, directly into your account on the Ice Cubed exchange.
  • The payments happen instantly at the time that the customers make the trades on the exchange.

The more people that click your link, the higher chance there is that some will become customers, and make trades on the exchange. The more they trade, the more commission you will make.

If you know anyone who might be interested in buying or selling some bitcoin, ethereum or litecoin, you can refer them to the Ice Cubed exchange using your affiliate link, and you will earn from all the trades that they do on the site, and from users they also sign up!

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