Information Technology

Information Technology

Aphrodata – Stellenbosch, Cape Town
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Aphrodata is a 100% Black owned IT services company.

We are headquartered in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Collectively we have more than 20 years experience of the IT industry which range from Software development, Project Management to Account Management. We are also experienced in the Social Media sector as well as data networks and VOIP.

We aim to deliver cutting edge solutions as well as being innovative at all times.

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Business Phone Number: +2774-776-7317
Be visible web design
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We at Be Visible web design studio specializes in website design and offers a total web design solution for clients that requires a professional web presence, integrating the latest web trends.

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Business Phone Number: 087 231 0120
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Software development and IT consulting.Representative languages:
Lisp / scheme

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dotcoza design
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We do 3D architectural rendering, landscape design visualization, product design and product visualization.

Architectural Visualisation – Beautifully textured and rendered images from your scale AutoCad drawings.
Landscaping Visualisation – Photo realistic renderings of your Landscaping project including real world plants.
Product Pack Shots – Product Pack Shots for eCommerce websites.
Product Design – 3D models of conceptual products to aid in the design process.
Product Prototyping – STL files for 3D printing of components for prototyping.
3D Animation – 2D animation for product demonstrations and architectural visualisation

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Business Phone Number: 021 761 8985
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Since 2003 G-Nome Computers has been providing computer repair, networking and service solutions to clients throughout Johannesburg, South Africa. G-Nome Computers focuses on providing complete service solutions to individuals and businesses in order to maintain productivity and efficiency at its maximum. Our unique work philosophy concentrates on all aspects of repair and servicing of computer systems and not simply isolated issues.

G-Nome Computers sets new standards in solutions provision through our business model of “Pay by the job – Not by the hour”. Using this approach we are able to cover all aspects of systems repair that are needed without being confined to the restrictions of hourly billing, setting G-Nome Computers apart from all its competitors.

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Business Phone Number: +27.117684561
Gotaclick SEO
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We are a full service internet marketing company based in Cape Town South Africa, specializing in providing professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to clients around the world.

We provide SEO and website marketing services that make your website work! Increase your website contacts, referrals, hot leads and customer conversions by getting a higher volume of expertly targeted website traffic to your website.

We accept bitcoin for SEO services! bitcoin SEO

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Business Phone Number: +27.823521191
Landmark Computers
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Landmark Computers is an online electronics and PC store that was established in 2007 to offer our customers competitve prices with class-leading after-sales service and support.

Our mission it to offer our customers the very best electronic and PC related components at a competitive price. We pride our-self on excellent after-sales service and support.

Landmark is a specialist online computer store offering you only the best products at competitive prices. We custom build overclocked gaming systems and sell only leading brands such as Apple, Dell, Sony and Samsung.

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Business Phone Number: +27.215319861
Little Box Holdings
Short Business Description: Little Box Holdings is a web and mobile app design firm in South Africa founded by two science students. Bitcoin is accepted for payment of projects.
Long Business Description:

We’ll help turn your web and mobile app ideas into a reality.

Little Box Holdings is a web and mobile app design firm in South Africa founded by two science students. We help you bring your ideas to life by handling the development and deployment of your app. Our approach is different for a reason. The app and data industries are changing rapidly.

We are an unconventional team of coders, thinkers, soon to be scientists and tinkerers. We have a passion for solving complex problems.

We materialise innovative solutions to tackle some of the most daunting problems relating to automation, data acquisition, analysis and presentation.

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Business Phone Number: 012 362 0604
Business Fax: 086 552 3677
Open Rigs
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GPU mining cases for professional cryptocurrency miners and rack-mountable ASIC miner cases.

If you’re in the Bitcoin mining, Litecoin mining, or password hash cracking game you’ll know all too well how painful it is to dissipate the immense amount of heat given off by GPUs or dedicated mining/cracking PCI-e boards. Most first-timers or casual users will use standard AT/ATX cases, with varying degrees of success, but that is nowhere near enough airflow to cool a stack of consumer-grade GPUs. Some braver souls out there might weld a steel frame together or use a plastic crate – both of which are valid solutions, but they are not ideal, do not scale well, and can lead to expensive mistakes.

The OpenRigs system is an easy-to-assemble aluminium frame that is designed to solve this problem. By allowing you to liberally space 4, 6 or 8 GPUs (or other expansions cards) on a standalone aluminium frame, the racks let’s the heat dissipate easily and naturally. No need for loud industrial box fans, and no need to worry about your expensive equipment overheating if your box fan fails.

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Wireless remote control of your home, office, place of work or any location. Control almost any electrical appliances, computer systems, or item in you would like.

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Business Phone Number: 021 552 4273