If you would like to do a bitcoin course to get a better understanding of bitcoin, the Bitcoin Academy in Cape Town can help. Bitcoin and blockchain training courses are provided to teach you or your staff about this amazing technology.

The Bitcoin Academy in Cape Town has partnered with BitHub and the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative (CiTi) to provide bitcoin and blockchain training to financial institutions, corporates, developers, entrepreneurs, startups, schools and government.

We train attendees on what bitcoin and the blockchain is and how to use this technology in order to innovate and better prepare for the future.

Training takes place over a full day and is tailored to meet the needs of different target audiences with sessions directed at market professionals; finance, operations & treasury; legal, compliance & accounting; and technology professionals. Each attendee will receive a Bitcoin Academy Certificate of Attendance.

Bitcoin beginner course:

This course is for individuals who are completely new to digital currencies and blockchain technology. The course covers the basics of money, bitcoin and the blockchain, bitcoin and wallet security, compliance and regulation and highlights the future of this space as well as the companies and institutions globally and locally that are currently using this technology.

Bitcoin advanced course:

This course is for individuals who understand the basics of digtal currencies such as bitcoin and the blockchain technology. The course delves deeper into the concepts covered in the Bitcoin Beginner course.

Bitcoin for developers course:

This course is for developers who understand the basics of programming. The course will provide the information you need to understand bitcoin, the blockchain and how to start building blockchain-based applications. It also includes examples of applications that have been built using the blockchain, in South Africa as well as internationally.

The team at the bitcoin academy:

Sonya Kuhnel is the Managing Director of the Bitcoin Academy, and has been involved in bitcoin for over two years. She is also the Co-founder of Bitcoin Events which held its inaugural Bitcoin Africa Conference in Cape Town in April 2015. Sonya is passionate about educating people on the benefits of bitcoin and the blockchain and what it has to offer.

Lorien Gamaroff is the Training Director of the Bitcoin Academy. He has written integration software for Bitcoin ATMs and is credited with developing the world’s first blockchain-aware smart metering solution. He is a full stack architect and engineer, and experienced in design, development, implementation and testing.

Gail Weiner is the Sales and Marketing Manager at the Bitcoin Academy, has been involved in bitcoin for a few years, and firmly believes that bitcoin and the blockchain is one of the most innovative developments of this century.

Email: [email protected] | Tel: +27 (21) 409 7000

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