KriptoLink bitcoin POS ATM

cryptocurrency point of sale atm

KirptoLink terminal, the cryptocurrency ATM combined with a Point-Of-Sale device, for only $500

KriptoLink is a dynamic South African based company who are helping to build a circular cryptocurrency economy locally, and around the world. (

The Point-Of-Sale and ATM terminal KriptoLink have created enables businesses and entrepreneurs to easily accept cryptocurrency payments, as well as buy or sell cryptocurrency directly to customers. This results in more places for users to spend their crypto, which facilitates the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The executive team behind the project has a background in traditional finance as well as blockchain technologies, with members who have established a number of successful businesses across multiple sectors from finance, agriculture and digital currency mining.

The development team behind the hardware has over 25 years of combined experience in retail point-of-sale software development and has tailor-made solutions for major retailers such as Makro, Pick n Pay, and MassMart, including independent institutions such as restaurants and some hotels.

KriptoLink POS ATM

Many early adopters and people who have, or are earning bitcoin, would prefer to spend bitcoin instead of converting it to government money first.

As a business owner and cryptocurrency user, by allowing customers the additional payment options of crypto when making payment, its a great way to get more exposure to the cryptocurrency community. It allows businesses to become part of the cryptocurrency community where they can interact directly with buyers, sellers and users of crypto.

Now any business or entrepreneur can accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for goods and services easily and professionally, using the KriptoLink Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminal.

People want to spend their digital currencies but most merchants can’t accept these payments. That’s what KriptoLink does, it’s a point-of-sale device that gives your business the ability to easily accept cryptocurrency payments

As a business owner, you can use the KriptoLink bitcoin POS terminal to allow your customers to pay for their bill in the cryptocurrency of their choice.  As the merchant, you can configure the terminal to your specifications, and you can accept any cryptocurrency that is available at the exchange that you link the device to.

Watch this demonstration of how a customer can pay with crypto:

Start your own bitcoin exchange

Using the KriptoLink Terminal, you can become a bitcoin merchant, and run your own face-to-face, bitcoin exchange.

By purchasing a KriptoLink terminal, you are buying a ‘business-in-a-box’, and are able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly to your customers over the counter, allowing you to become your own cryptocurrency exchange!

Link the KriptoLink terminal to your own crypto exchange and start to accept, buy and sell crypto currencies over the counter to your customers. Set your own rates.

KriptoLink ExchangeWith the KriptoLink POS device your customers can buy digital currencies from you using cash, credit or debit cards, and can use cryptocurrency they buy to pay for anything using the mobile wallet app.

As a bitcoin merchant, you can set your own rates for selling cryptocurrency to your customers, and add any cryptocurrency listed on the exchange that you have linked to your device!

As the merchant you can choose whether to settle in fiat or cryptocurrency when accepting payments on the terminal, and the conversion happens in real time, making it a seamless experience for the user.

KriptoLink only charges a once off fee of $500 for the terminal itself, and there is a 1% flat fee on all cryptocurrency sales through the POS.

The KriptoLink terminal is a cryptocurrency ATM combined with a point-of-sale device. It allows any merchant or individual to buy, sell, trade and accept digital currency payments for goods and services.

Use the KriptoLink POS terminal as a bitcoin ATM

It is the dream of many people to own their own bitcoin ATM, and the KriptoLink terminal is basically a portable bitcoin ATM, at a fraction of the price of a regular bitcoin ATM. This portability allows you to use the device as an ATM anywhere in the world, and connect it to a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges. At a cost of only $500 for the terminal, that is far cheaper than any other cryptocurrency ATM in the market right now.

Using the terminal, you can print an offline paper wallet for customers, this includes their own private key, so that the customer is always in full control of their digital currencies.

If you have your own physical shop, you can advertise your location on the bitcoin ATM map, showing locations where customers can visit to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. The device has a GPS built in, allowing your location to be broadcast on the KriptoLink map of stores.

If you have a chain or multiple business locations, you have a device for each location, allowing customers to use the device as a cyrptocurrency ATM as well as use cryptocurrencies to make purchases at your store locations.

Watch this demonstration of a customer using the device as a bitcoin ATM to buy bitcoin:

About the KriptoLink terminal:

The terminal has an easy to use interface which enables you to track all payments and transactions made using the terminal. The fully customisable dashboard can be easily integrated with the exchange you use, and your own cryptocurrency wallet.

Customers can use the mobile wallet app to securely store their banking details and digital currencies. The app can be used to top up with credit / debit card or buy cryptocurrencies at any KriptoLink terminal. Merchants can create their own NFC cryptocurrency card wallets for their customers, which can be used to store customers cryptocurrencies, and also pay for goods.

  • A secure and trusted platform – The KriptoLink terminal does not store any personal information to ensure the safety and privacy of your customers.
  • Customers can buy cryptocurrency easily – Your customers can buy cryptocurrencies using cash, credit or debit cards, and can also use cryptocurrency to pay for anything on site, using their mobile wallet app.
  • Global POS and ATM terminal – Customers are able to accept, sell and trade cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world. Simply configure the device to connect to your preferred digital currency exchange where you are registered.
  • Issue cryptocurrency wallets for customers – Merchants can create their own NFC card wallets that customers can use to store their digital currencies and pay for goods.

If you would like to purcahse your own ATM / POS device from KriptoLink, please click the banner below, or visit

KriptoLink POS ATM

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