Many people in South Africa would love to invest in bitcoin, and they have the capital to do so, but just dont understand the whole process. There is a growing number of individuals who want bitcoin exposure in their investment portfolio, but do not understand enough about bitcoin, and do not have the time or patience to learn how secure it properly.

Cape Town based ‘Bitvice Self Custody Solutions’ is providing professional bitcoin services to those who need help investing in, and securing bitcoin properly.

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What does Bitvice do?

We assist people in buying bitcoin, as well as properly securing it, and to directly hold the private keys through hardware wallets or multi-signature setups.

Bitvice is a platform that makes it incredibly easy for individuals and financial advisors to easily and securely purchase bitcoin for themselves or their clients. The platform provides a competitive rate, and has a Minimum order size of R20,000 when investing in bitcoin.

Bitvice have kept things extremely simple, no special bitcoin trading knowledge is required, and there are no charts or order books to navigate.

What makes Bitvice quite different is the focus on self-custody of your bitcoin as soon as you purchase it. With other trading platforms in South Africa customers are encouraged to trust the exchange to store their Bitcoin for them.

We have previously stated why its a bad idea to store your bitcoin on an exchange, so what Bitvice is doing is great news to us.

We believe that Bitcoin was created for the bankless and there was never a need for intermediaries or exchanges to hold your Bitcoin. It is completely self-sovereign in nature. #NotYourKeysNotYourCoins

During the sign-up process, investors need to provide their own mobile, hardware or other bitcoin wallet  address in order to receive the bitcoin they purchase directly.

As soon as an order is completed on Bitvice, the bitcoin is sent to the investor’s personal bitcoin address that they have provided. Bitvice never custodies anyone’s Bitcoin – the way it’s supposed to be.

Bitvice can assist investors and financial advisors with guidance on the best bitcoin wallet to use for their situation if they do not already have a bitcoin wallet to store the bitcoins they purchase.

Read the Bitvice self-custody guide here.

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Financial Advisors can use Bitvice

Bitvice will work more with financial advisors as Bitcoin regulation becomes a reality. Bitvice believes that financial advisors will play an important role in assisting others to purchase and self-custody Bitcoin. As Bitcoin becomes a serious asset in an investor’s portfolio, one needs to think how it can be managed securely in an estate and how it can be passed to beneficiaries in the future. This is where financial services should be built around self-custodying Bitcoin.

Financial advisors can use the Bitvice platform to buy bitcoin on behalf of their clients, with the bitcoin going directly into the clients secure bitcoin wallet. (Advisors can earn up to 3.0% in bitcoin for every transaction through a referred investor.)

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How do I earn a referral and how does it work?

To incentivize Bitcoiners to recommend Bitvice to their friends and family, Bitvice offer a 0.25% referral bonus on all referred orders, paid in bitcoin – to the referrer’s Bitcoin address on record. This is the highest Bitcoin referral reward in South Africa.

To earn referrals, you need to complete your registration, and have a bitcoin address on record, in order to receive the referral fees.

Your referral link can be shared from the top-right of your dashboard and the referred investor will be linked to your referral code when they sign up.

All the referral rewards earned for the month will be displayed on the top-left of the dashboard.


Bitvice will send you an email whenever a referred investor completes an order.

The completed order email will confirm how much Bitcoin is owed to you and this will be totalled on your dashboard.

Bitvice will pay the total Bitcoin owed to you, once a month, on the 25th of every month (or the next working day). You will receive an email confirming when the Bitcoin is on its way to your Bitcoin address on record.

by-the-horns-bitcoin-podcastWeekly Podcasts

Bitvice runs weekly podcasts called By The Horns that covers Bitcoin, Economics, Politics and many other topics.

You can follow our discussions on YouTube or via our podcast on Spotify, Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts. Find our RSS feed here if you are listening on a different podcast app.

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What’s next with Bitvice?

Customer can join the waiting list  for the upcoming SatStacker, please complete your details here.

We are working on a SatStacker product that makes it easier for you to buy Bitcoin. All you will need to do is confirm the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy per month, confirm your card details and we’ll take care of the rest. And of course, this Bitcoin will be sent to your own wallet every month!

Bitvice have commited to continue to work with legal and regulatory groups to make sure Bitcoin ATMs, Peet-to-Peer and other methods of buying and selling are protected from the upcoming regulations on Bitcoin.

Please keep a lookout on Bitvice’s blog on how we will be fighting towards privacy, freedom and censorship resistance.

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