Jade bitcoin wallet

The Blockstream Jade hardware wallet is simple to use, open source, and provides advanced security for your bitcoin, as well as layer-2 assets on the liquid network such as L-BTC and USDt.

Designed from the ground up to keep your private keys to your assets safe and secure, the Jade has a simple setup and is a great choice for new and experienced users, with advanced functionality options.

Use a companion app on your phone or computer to connect to the Jade wallet

Jade wallet

Blockstream Green is the preferred wallet and companion app to use when  managing your assets on the Jade wallet, however a variety of other wallets are compatible. Make sure to have at least one installed before you setup your Jade wallet.

The app you use is needed to generate addresses and broadcast your transactions to the internet. The Jade itself is used to authorize all your transactions and to store your private keys safely and securely.

Connect your wallet app to your Jade using three different communication methods

  • USB: Plug Jade into your laptop or Android device using the supplied USB-C cable
  • Bluetooth: Conveniently pair Jade with your mobile phone, compatible with both iOS and Android
  • QR: Use Jade’s camera and QR codes to perform fully-airgapped transactions and physically decide when your Jade sends or receives data

Follow the instructions in this video to connect to your Jade using Blockstream Green App:

Other supported wallet apps to use with Jade are: Sparrow, Nunchuk, Specter, BlueWallet, Electrum, and Keeper

Where to buy a Jade hardware wallet?

When buying a hardware wallet, the best options are to use a trusted reseller, or to go direct to the manufacturer and import one yourself using an international courier. The downside is that this process can be costly and can take a long time for your item to arrive.

If you would like to order a wallet directly from Blockstrea, go here: https://store.blockstream.com/jade-wallet

Alternatively, we can recommend a local South African website called bitcoin only where you can get a 10% discount if you use the code ‘bitcoinzar’ when checking out.

See more here: https://bitcoinonly.io/products/blockstream-jade-hardware-wallet