VALR ( a digital asset platform headquartered in South Africa that allows our customers to buy, sell, store and transfer bitcoin and over 60 other cryptocurrencies easily and securely.

Since it was launched in 2019, VALR has processed hundreds of billions of Rands worth of crypto assets in trading volume and serves over 250 000 retail and 500 institutional customers from around the globe.

We help bridge the gap between our traditional fiat financial system and the new world of crypto-assets.

VALR AppCrypto trading options

VALR crypto asset platform allows novice users to easily buy or sell crypto, while at the same time can be used by expert traders. A variety of options to buy and sell is available to users

Simple Buy / Sell

The Simple Buy / Sell option is called that because it is dead simple and a great place to start for novice users. Using this option a user can simply select which crypto they would like to buy, and the amount that they would like to spend, and then confirm the trade. This option is great for those just beginning their crypto journey.

Professional Trading Platform

The trading platform is for those who are a lot more computer and cyrpto savvy. Professional or experienced traders are able to place Buy or Sell orders into the order book of the high performance exchange platform, and also get paid for Market Making orders.

Auto Buy Crypto

For those who want an easy no fuss way to get crypto regularly, VALR also have an ‘Auto Buy’ option to buy crypto with a debit order directly from your bank account. This ‘Set and forget’ option allows users to set their regular Buys onto ‘auto pilot’ so that they can stack some crypto weekly or monthly without even logging into the platform.

Staking Assets

Users who would like to earn from the deposits of their assets can securely stake (lock in) their crypto assets with VALR to earn passively from their holdings. VALR handles everything in the background and allows the user to easily Stake or Un-stake their crypto assets quickly and easily from within the platform.

Fees and Rewards

Of the local cryptocurrency exchanges in South Africa, VALR has some of the lowest fees available and actually pays users for making trades.

We believe in rewarding people who help us create a thriving marketplace. That’s why we pay market makers 0.01% of their trades to provide liquidity to our exchange order books.

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To date VALR has paid customers over R80 million in rewards to market makers in the form of 0.01% of their trades back into their accounts for providing liquidity to the order books of the exchange platform.

Earn Rewards

VALR also rewards users for referring their friends and family to the platform. Users can save 15% on their trading fees as well as additional lifetime rewards for referring more people.

valr rewards

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Use your own referral code to sign up your friends or family who are keen to get into crypto, and you can get 15% rebate if you have one referral. More than one referral will get you an additional 10% of your referrals trading fees into your own wallet!

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