You hear it all the time on social media, strangers contact you with wild claims of ways to ‘earn’ some bitcoin or get returns on a bitcoin ‘investment’ with some new platform.

Something inside you begins to flutter as you think about the possibilities of making some money this time, but you also worry about losing your money like you and your friends have done before. You have been scammed so many times…and you wonder “Is it real this time?”

When someone tells you a story about how you can easily earn 30% worth of crypto within a few hours, your alarm bells start, and should be ringing….all too often it sounds far ‘too good to be true’, so there is no doubt that it is most likely a scam.

Never never ever trust people who contact you with business opportunities and investments, who then want you to give them your money. They are normally just lying to you in order to get your money, and will tell you anything you want to hear. Always be careful, and dont trust anyone!

That being said….What if I told you, that this time its different?

For the next 24hours, there is a way that you can make R100 worth of bitcoin with Binance crypto exchange, for pretty much zero risk!

This time though, its not so much as a scheme to earn, its actually more like straight up FREE money given back to you for pretty much nothing!

For the next 24hrs, until November 15th 14:00 SAST to be precise….you can spend only R300 and get back R100, meaning you can earn 30% for free, no strings attached!

join binance

This is not some dodgy platform or system to invest in, no, this is a giveaway from the biggest crypto exchange in the world. They do billions of dollars worth of trade daily, and for the next 24hrs, they will give new users R100 for free, if you buy R300 worth of crypto.

Binance will give you 6BUSD which is their USD stablecoin if you spend R300. $6 is worth approximately R90-R100 depending on the USD / ZAR exchange rate at the time.

This offer comes with a couple of conditions that need to be met though…not everyone is able to earn the free crypto.

What are the basic conditions?

  • This offer is only open to NEW accounts on Binance
  • You must complete your basic Identity Verification step
  • You need to purchase a minimum of R300 worth of bitcoin with your Credit Card

Just follow the steps in the video below, complete the 3 steps of registering, ID verification and buying, and you can be eligible for cash back!

How to claim the free crypto from Binance

If you watch this video, you can follow the steps required in order to qualify.


  1. Register your Binance account in minutes and complete at least your basic KYC Verification. Please use my referral ID: CSNKGO3I or you can just Click here to register on Binance:
  2. Once verified, head over to the Buy Crypto page on and choose from one of eight available cryptocurrencies and complete a purchase for any amount.
  3. Get a 100 ZAR (6 BUSD) Cashback – compliments of Binance, absolutely free!

Right now there is hardly anyone who is participating in this promotion, so make sure to share this post with all your friends, so that they can also join in and get R100 worth of crypt for free!

Rules and Reward Distribution

  1. To participate in this promotion, users must complete their KYC and purchase Crypto via the Buy Crypto card channel, using any Visa or Mastercard card issued in South Africa,
  2. The transaction must successfully be completed before November 15th 14:00 SAST
  3. All existing KYCed and newly KYCed users are eligible to participate.
  4. When a new/existing user utilizes the “Buy Crypto” option for the first time and successfully completes their first purchase, they will receive R100 (6 BUSD)
  5. The rewards will be allocated in BUSD to the user’s Binance Wallet within 15 business days after the campaign finishes. Users can see their rewards by selecting the Account Center > Wallet > Distribution History.
  6. Binance reserves the ability to disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behavior immediately.
  7. The campaign is limited to the first 750 participants