OTC trading

OVEX is a Cape Town based cryptocurrency exchange platform that is well known in the space for their cryptocurrency arbitrage service, and their high interest crypto savings account.

Another service which OVEX only offers to high net-worth individuals and institutional investors, is the OTC desk, which is a secure, private, and personalized trading service with an option for an extended credit line.

The OTC Desk, is a high-volume, and high-liquidity Over-The-Counter trading platform which allows for very large cryptocurrency trades to be executed easily.

We offer institutions and high net-worth individuals a secure, private and more personalized service. Whether you are trading blocks of R500,000 or R50 million, our OTC desk will provide you with unmatched execution and settlement services. – OVEX

Over The Counter Trading (OTC) with OVEX

ovex otc deskOTC Trading with OVEX allows institutions and high net-worth individuals a secure, private and more personalized service when trading. This service is extremely popular with OVEX’s 30-day OTC trading volume is over 4 billion Rand.

Boasting South Africa’s deepest liquidity,  OVEX high volume customers can buy or sell large amounts of cryptocurrency 24/7 without any slippage, even for orders up to  R50 million in value.

The minimum order size is R250,000 but exceptions can be discussed on a case-by-case basis, and there is a low 1% fee for this service.

The OVEX OTC Desk is fast becoming a favoured route for crypto arbitrage service providers as it empower traders to lock in arbitrage profits at the start of their trades rather than at the end – thus eliminating any risk of foreign exchange price fluctuations.

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Features and Benefits of the OVEX OTC Desk:


Requesting to join the OTC desk

In order to make use of the OTC desk at OVEX, cryptocurrency whales and institutions need to request access to the service directly with OVEX. While the minimum order size is R250 000 per trade, exceptions are made on a case by case basis, which you can discuss with them when joining.

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OTC desk

Other services offered by OVEX:

  • Arbitrage Trading: This trading service allows investors to earn arbitrage-trading profits up to 5% per week using their annual Single Discretionary Allowance (SDA) of R1 million and Foreign Investment Allowance (FIA) up to an additional R10 million. Read more about Arbitrage trading with OVEX here
  • High Interest Crypto Savings Account: With this service account holders can deposit their cryptocurrency and earn from 4% to 20% interest annually, paid in the cryptocurrency that’s deposited. Read more about OVEX savings accounts here