In South Africa there is no shortage of easy ways to pay people with Rand, but when it comes to paying with bitcoin, there are issues.

While we offer a free service for processing bitcoin payments for people accepting bitcoin, this is targeted at those who want bitcoin and not Rand.

The simple fact of the matter is that in South Africa, most businesses want to be paid in Rand as that is our currency in South Africa, and they dont even know about bitcoin, or how to integrate it into their business.

mobile payment6DOT50A company that is offering a solution to this dilemma facing bitcoin users in South Africa is 6DOT50 with their Digital Rand Vouchers which customers can buy using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies!

Most companies want to be paid in Rand, so that is what the 6DOT50 App does when you make a payment. Essentially the App takes your bitcoin to top up your digital Rand balance, and pays out Rand to the accepting merchant.

Instead of trading bitcoin for Rand and withdrawing to your bank account to fund your debit or credit card, now you can buy Rand vouchers with crypto, and spend those using the App on your mobile phone. This is a great solution for those who have no bank account!

Go here to join: https://www.6dot50.com

What are Digital Rand Vouchers?

6DOT50 Digital Vouchers have been designed as commodity money where the value of each voucher is derived from the value of a known and trusted fiat money value. For example, each 6DOT50 Digital Rand is equal to 1 ZA Rand and each 6DOT50 Digital Dollar is equal to 1 US Dollar. Each voucher is backed 1:1 with the fiat value in the bank.

By creating a digital commodity and linking it to the value of fiat money, 6DOT50 Money is a viable new way to pay for goods and services and to access financial services without the need to own a bank account.

Join 6dot50

6DOT50 money vouchers are a safe and easy way to store your money, instantly send and receive money and pay for goods and services. Using the vouchers, users can send Rand to each other, and make payments at more than 40,000 stores and online retailers across South Africa.

Scan any Zapper Code with 6DOT50

Zapper Purchase Digital Rand vouchers using bitcoin, and then use that to Scan and Pay any Zapper code!

The 6DOT50 App allows you to enjoy a complete bitcoin lifestyle solution, enabling you to make fast easy and safe payments with a quick scan from your smartphone.

With this solution, bitcoin users are able to pay your favourite shops and restaurants, purchase online, buy airtime, donate to charities or fill up with fuel using bitcoin and the Digital Rand vouchers!

Pay using a wiCode with 6DOT50

WiCode Pay buttonYes, you read right, you can also use bitcoin to pay using wiCode!

Create a wiCode and share the code with thousands of cashiers, or enter the code on the merchant’s card machine to pay.

6DOT50 wiCodes are accepted as payment at Shoprite, Checkers, Usave, K’nect, Cape Union Mart, Keedo, Old Khaki, Poetry, Tread+Miller and more stores across South Africa.