join binance and buy bitcoin with credit card

Binance was founded in 2017 and is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms with Bitcoin, Ethereum and more than 150 other different cryptocurrencies to choose from. Binance is arguably the most popular exchange today, and also offers great mobile apps for iOS and Android.

On Binance you can buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with cash, by doing a bank deposit, or you can use your debit / credit card to fund your account.

Binance caters for all levels of user with their Basic, Classic and Advanced layouts and options, which allows people who are new to cryptocurrency to begin easily.

join binance

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Step 1 Register on Binance

Visit the website and click the ‘Register’ link to create your trading account. Visit:
Binance registerEnter your Email address and choose a secure password that you will not easily forget. It is a good idea to use a mix of numbers, symbols, upper and lower-case letters.
We would appreciate it if you supported us by using our referral code in the Referral ID optional field. Please type our code: CSNKGO3I
Check the box to agree to the Terms of Use, and then click the Create account button. (You may be asked to complete a puzzle to prove that you’re not a robot. Just drag the slider to move the puzzle piece into the hole.)

Step 2 Check your email and Activate your account

Once you submit the registration form, Binance will send you an email to confirm that your email address is correct. Log into your email account and open the email from Binance. Use the 6 digit Activation code on the Activation screen on Binance.
verification code
Once your account is active, you are now able to login and use the exchange! Welcome to Binance!

Buy bitcoin with a debit or credit card

The fastest way to buy bitcoin on Binance with a new account is to buy bitcoin with your debit or credit card. To do this, follow the steps below:


To make your first purchase you will need to specify the amount of money you want to spend when you make your deposit. The minimum amount of Rand (ZAR) that you can purchase with your credit card is R300.

Click here to buy bitcoin on Binance with debit / credit card


buy crypto with credit card

  • Enter the amount of currency you would like to spend. If you need to, you can enter the amount of bitcoin you would like to buy instead.
  • Make sure the currency is correct for your country, it should be ZAR for South African Rand. If you are not from South Africa, then change the currency to what is correct for your country.
  • Press the Buy BTC button to continue.


It is possible you might need to first secure your account with 2Factor Authentication if you have not done it yet.

2FA a security feature that gives users an extra form of password to use when you log into the exchange. If this is enabled, you will use your password to login, as well as a second code which can be sent to a mobile device by SMS or created by the Google Authenticator app.
Since SMS can sometimes take longer than expected, it is advisable that you rather use the Google Authenticator app instead. Download the app and follow the instructions to add Binance to the App on your phone.
Once you have verified with the App or with SMS, you can proceed to make the payment.
pay with credit card
  • Enter the information to verify your personal details, and enter the details of your credit card.
  • Once you have provided the information, your transaction will complete, and you will be led back to your Binance account.

Well done!

join binance