A bitcoin debit card allows users to spend their bitcoins anywhere that VISA or Mastercard are accepted as a method of payment. You can use the debit card to shop online, swipe at a store, and even to withdraw cash at ATMs worldwide. A bitcoin debit card can be used in any country, as long as there is a “VISA/Mastercard accepted” sign displayed, and has no hidden fees.

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e-coin bitcoin debit card

The bitcoin debit card is simply a standard debit card in USD, EUR or GBP, that you can top up really quickly, using bitcoin. So if you have a lot of bitcoins, and would like to spend them easily, this is one way to do that.

Bitcoin debit cards are a dream come true for users who have access to bitcoins and would like to have the convenience of money on a debit card, but do not have a bank account.

Bitcoin debit cards are also becoming more and more popular with people who do not want the hassle of trading their bitcoin for cash, or moving money into their bank account before being able to spend that money. By using a bitcoin debit card, you spend your bitcoins directly, without having to exchange them first.

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How else can you use a bitcoin debit card?

Some users are reported to be giving a bitcoin debit card to family members far away or even out of the country, so that they can use the card to make purchases for daily living expenses. Instead of using MoneyGram, Western Union or similar services which can take days, require going into a local branch during office hours, and are also expensive. A user can simply send some bitcoin to the bitcoin wallet associated with the bitcoin debit card, and within approximately 30 minutes, the funds can be used….the cost to load the card is almost free, it is a standard bitcoin transaction.

Recently we heard of a user who was abroad in Indonesia, only to find once they landed in Bali, that their credit card would not work! It was weekend, and they were unable to contact their bank locally for help. The user desperately needed the credit card facilities to be able to get an Uber taxi, and for accommodation online!

Without quick support from the local bank, the user decided to think outside of the box, and within 1 hour, his problems were solved. The user registered online at e-coin.io, and then sent bitcoin to the wallet associated with his account. He then bought a virtual bitcoin debit card for $3, and within seconds had a valid card number and the ability to make online purchases. He was then able to pay for accommodation, and add the card in the Uber app to call an Uber taxi to get to his hotel! It was 3 days later before the bank in South Africa was able to rectify the problem and restore access to his regular credit card! True story!

e-coin bitcoin debit card

How much is a bitcoin debit card?

You can order a plastic bitcoin debit card that looks exactly like your standard debit or credit card, and typically it will by issued and dispatched within a couple of days. You can either have the card sent by regular post, or overnight by courier, but costs will apply.

  • The cost to get a physical card sent by mail is normally $ 17.00, but is now $12.75 with the 25% discount.
  • If you would like a card sent by courier delivery, the price is normally $ 50.00, but is now $37.50 with the 25% discount.
  • A Virtual card, which is only the details, you dont get a card sent to you, is $ 3.00

Get a 25% discount by using our link to register: https://goo.gl/I5zV2R

To order a card, you need to register, and then send bitcoins to the wallet in your account. Once the bitcoins are available there to spend, you can order a card and pay from the account balance. Any bitcoins left in the wallet will be part of your balance on the card.

Unverified” users have limitations placed on their bitcoin debit cards….this is for security purposes. By simply sending scans of your ID along with proof of address, you can upgrade your account to “Verified” status and be able to benefit from almost unlimited usage of your card.

Fees and charges:

There are fees and charges when using the bitcoin debit card, and they are as follows:

bitcoin debit card fees

Bitcoin Security:

The bitcoin debit card uses multi-sig bitcoin wallets make it simply impossible to transfer funds without transaction being signed by all parties involved, meaning that even in a highly unlikely event of compromising the platform, no one could be able to steal funds from your bitcoin wallets.The technology is designed and customized by BitGo – the number one name and global trendsetter in crypto currency security, so you can be sure that any bitcoin you send to the wallet is safe.

e-coin bitcoin debit card

  • Kent Van Heerden

    Why are the values in USD?

    • The card is not made in South Africa by a local company, it is a USD currency based card.

      • Theo De Beer

        What is the point in advertising this card and South Africa is NOT a supported country. Can you please EXPLAIN????

        • It is supported….they recently changed providers, the new contactless cards getting issued now support SA again. “The new Wirex contactless payment card will be available both inside and outside of the EU.” Read more here: https://wirexapp.com/introducing-new-contactless-wirex-payment-cards/

          • Deon

            Does this card really work in and out of EU? I’ve ordered 3 different cards from different suppliers and after paying for it, then I get emails saying the card is not in use in South Africa. Can you tell me why this card will work?

          • The new card they start distributing this month does, the old card no longer does

          • Deon

            I’ve just ordered the bitcoin debit card at but Wirex and it stated that South Africa is not a supporting country. Will there be a bitcoin debit card available for South Africa?

          • Put yourself onto their waiting list, it should be in October sometime https://wirexapp.com/introducing-new-contactless-wirex-payment-cards/#

  • Nkosinathi Ngubeni

    Does the e-coin debit card work in SA?

  • Bethusile Masina

    We don’t recieve a bitcoin card in Swaziland.most of the bitcoin debit cards can be send to South Africa only not swaziland

    • I know e-coin / wirex has Africa as one of its biggest markets, so double check they can send to you

    • Nokuthula

      hi , I’m also in Swaziland, I would like to know if you have ordered your card, and does it work in our ATMs, If answer is yes to all, where did you order it?

  • Chrisbas

    What would be considered a foreign transaction fee? Anything other than USD?
    Can anyone confirm the actual transaction fee of an arbitrary amount in Rand. (e.g. buying an Intercape bus ticket for R 500)

    • I would think anything other than USD…that being said, when I swipe my card in stores, it normally takes the correct amount of BTC if I convert it manually on my side to double check it. I dont know if that is because POS transactions are free or what exactly. Maybe it is for online transactions only, I am not sure…a bit confused myself.

  • Dan

    What other companies offer visa/mastercard debit cards for use in SA?

    • Coinsbank.com, Xapo.com, Spectrocoin.com to name a few

      • Dan

        Thanks, do you know the quickest, easiest way to purchase Etherium in SA?

        • Right now the easiest and safest is to buy bitcoin, then exchange it for ETH on Changelly see here https://goo.gl/B7mFeq.

          • francois

            This week IceCubed exchange in South Africa is adding ETH to their site with the latest interface upgrade

          • Dan

            Which offline wallet is the best option for storing a variety of different cryptocurrencies?

          • I hear Exodus wallet is pretty good, but do your research before trying it out for yourself

          • The https://www.exodus.io/ wallet is pretty good

          • Dan


  • Dan

    Would also like to know.

  • Cornelis Molenaar

    I would also really like to know this. I can’t wrap my head around the tax requirements.

  • Liza

    Can this card be used in Canada?

    • Yes, it works world wide where Visa / Mastercard is acccepted

  • Animaniac

    Yes- you pay VAT when you purchase something. The government gets their money- F them.

  • Karen Le Roux

    Can I get a detailed bill of all expenses made?

    • You have a statement, like a normal debit card

  • Cindy Rayner Buxton

    If everything is in USD can you withdraw from the ATM using your card in Rands?

    • Yes, you can, although the fees for that are pricey. I think swiping the card in a store is free if I remember correctly.

      • Cindy Rayner Buxton

        Thank you, can you give me an indication of what the fees are?

        • Swipe in a store is free. If you got a USD card, the ATM fee will be $3.50 for the transaction in S.A. So better to just swipe, unless you OK with that fee for the size of your withdrawal.

  • Telele

    Do you also support Etherum or you only support BITCOIN?

  • They are stopping the debit card for users out side of the EU, see blog post here: https://blog.xapo.com/xapo-debit-card-update/

  • Xapo card is a no go for us now https://blog.xapo.com/xapo-debit-card-update/
    Most are the same company issuing the cards under different brands.

  • Biltong08

    Wirex does not deliver in SA according to their website – why advertise?

    • Is an old article, they did, and they will again soon… Just changing service providers for the region

  • Henk Swardt

    Hi, I have been using a Xapo cord for a while now. With the change as per comments below it will not be usable after 15 Oct 2017. So opened a Wirex account to see if I could get a new card that will work in South Africa. Seems not to support South Africa any more. (https://help.wirexapp.com/hc/en-us/articles/207161779-The-list-of-supported-countries-for-Wirex-debit-card-issuance-and-delivery?flash_digest=c3344369aa8629867dac94bcf5ad7f8942ba1cc3)

    • The new Wirex cards coming soon will work south africa…will keep you posted

  • They are changing service providers, and are launching the new wirex contactless card in October, which will be available to South Africa. The problem is not South Africa, it is the company that many of the bitcoin debit card providers were using as their service provider.

  • The card should still work until October, but no more cards for people in SA after that as far as I know.

  • Gary Larkan

    Hi I tried to apply for a card and after the whole process it stated that card was not ready for south Africa yet

    • They are currently updating their service provider for cards…the new cards will be available in about a month, you can put your name down on the waiting list already…

  • They are sorting this out….in October you should be able to order to SA again

  • The TenX card does this. You can pre-order one of their cards once you have installed their app on your mobile phone. Check out their website here: https://www.tenx.tech/

  • Golden Apple

    Can one use the card to withdraw Rands from South African ATM?
    How else does one cash bitcoin into “cash money”?

    • Yes you can withdraw rand at an atm. It is more cost effective to exchange bitcoin for Rand on a bitcoin exchange, then withdraw it to your bank account.

  • Check out this one, you can put your name down for pre-order, it should work fine in S.A. https://wirexapp.com/introducing-new-contactless-wirex-payment-cards/#

  • https://wirexapp.com/introducing-new-contactless-wirex-payment-cards/# Put your name down and they will notify you when you can order

  • You must not try order, as you will be ordering the OLD card that is for EU only. You need to put your name onto the pre-order list for the other card here: https://wirexapp.com/introducing-new-contactless-wirex-payment-cards/

  • It does work to put your name down, just put your email address into the pre-registration form in the link I shared.

  • I am not sure which card you have, but bitcoin debit cards use the exchange rate in USD, not the SA exchange rate. Bitcoin in South Africa is often about 10-15% higher in price than the US exchanges, so not sure how you were charged double….there must be something else besides just the exchange rate

  • Right now there are none that I have seen proof of working. Wirex have said their new contactless card will work here, but you can only per-reigster for it now, not purchase it yet.

  • I keep getting told ‘soon’