Steps to buy bitcoin with a credit card in South Africa

OK, lets begin with the first step in buying bitcoin with your credit card, the registration….

Step 1: Registration – (This should take about 5 minutes)

Visit the CEX.IO website and register here:

buy bitcoin with credit card

The website will look like the picture shown below:

Register on cex

Click the ‘Register’ button on the top right of the screen to start the registration process. Insert your email address, and choose a password on the registration page, then click the ‘Register’ button.

Buy bitcoin with a credit card

Once you have registered, check your email. You will receive an email that you can use to activate your new account. Click the ‘Activate’ button to activate your account.


On the activation page, click the blue ‘Complete registration’ button to finish.


Now you are ready to go to Step 2, adding your credit card to the system!

4 Responses to Buy bitcoin with a credit card – Tutorial
  1. Most exchanges want you to deposit at least R250 to your account, once your account is funded, you can buy even R100 worth if you want.

  2. You still deposit by credit card to fund the account, then you can use the exchange. The other method you are charged a USD set price for some bitcoin at a premium.

  3. Is it possible for someone in Australia to join and deposit funds to buy BTC?


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