Binance P2P Video Competition

Calling all P2P crypto traders on Binance…here is a chance to earn some bitcoin by creating a tutorial on how to use the Binance P2P trading platform!

Binance is running this video tutorial competition for only 1 week, so you need to be quick….the contest ends at 2020/10/21 14:00 SAST (1 week)

UPDATE: The P2P Video competition deadline has been extended to November 4th, 2020

The P2P trading area is for traders who trade directly with other users. The regular Binance trading area uses an order book system, which allows members to create buy and sell orders. The P2P platform is where binance facilitates Person-to-Person trades, ensuring that nobody is cheated or loses money, and that the transaction goes through smoothly.

If you are trading on the P2P area of Binance, you can enter the competition by creating a video tutorial to teach others how to do it and earn some Bitcoin!

Teach others how to trade P2P and secure your share of a total price pool of R17k worth of Bitcoin!

If you are not a member of Binance already, check out our Step-By-Step guide to join and buy bitcoin with a credit card

How to participate in the competition

In order to be eligible to win some of the bitcoin, please make sure that you have completed the following steps:

  1. Make sure to Follow: Binance South Africa on Facebook and BinanceSA Instagram.
  2. Join the Binance South Africa Telegram chat group here:
  3. Create a video tutorial for trading P2P on Binance that includes at least FOUR of the following six actions:
    1. Show how to Add Payment methods
    2. Show how to buy crypto with ZAR on the Binance P2P mobile App or website
    3. Show how to sell crypto for ZAR on Binance P2P with mobile App or website
    4. Show how to post an advertisement against ZAR on Binance P2P
    5. Show how to transfer funds from other wallets to your P2P wallet
    6. Show how to appeal an order
  4. Once your video is made, post your video onto a social media platform and and tag Binance South Africa, as well as add the hashtag #BinanceP2P to the description of your post. (Facebook @BinanceSouthAfrica, Twitter @BinanceAfrica, Instagram @binancesa).
  5. Once you have posted the tutorial online, let Binance know by completing the mandatory form here.

How Bitcoin will be awarded to the winners

There is an award pool of R8500 ($500) worth of bitcoin that is divided among ALL participants…at the very least, you will get a share of this if you completed all requirements…EVERYONE is a winner!

The top 5 video producers will EACH be given R1700 ($100) worth of bitcoin!

Learn before you post your video

Do you want to enter but are not a member of Binance? No problem! Join binance here:

join binance

If you are interested in participating in the video competition, you can learn or just brush up on your P2P trading knowledge and skills by first, checking out these links with explanations of how to do things on the P2P platform:

Buy Crypto P2P on the Binance App
Sell Crypto P2P on the Binance App

Buy Crypto P2P on Binance Desktop
Sell Crypto P2P on Binance Desktop

How to post a trade advertisement on Binance P2P? 

Learn the steps and then make your video to enter!

Final notes

Please familiarize yourself with the following rules and Terms & Conditions to make sure that you dont have any problems or waste your time:

  1. Participants MUST trade ZAR in the video.
  2. The length of each video should not be longer than 7 minutes.
  3. Best tutorials will be selected based on the criterions:
    1. 50% based on the number of views that each video receives;
    2. 50% based on the content quality reviewed by Binance team
  4. Rewards will be distributed to eligible participants within 2 weeks after the conclusion of the activity.
  5. By participating in this competition, authorship remains with the entrant, but the entrant acknowledges to transfer the copyright of the submitted video to Binance. All participants grant Binance, including but not limited to, copy, edit, display and publish the submissions. Binance reserves the right of final interpretation.

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